DefinesysCloud for aPaaS

DefinesysCloud aPaaS has its origins in Microservices, DevOps, and Containerization. It could be easily deployed on Public, Private, and Hybrid Clouds. The design thinking that is sufficiently compatible with the current technology architecture trends makes Definesys available for platform-independent deployment, also, seamless connection with enterprises' Performance Platform, Container Platform, and DevOps Approach.

Business-Wide Cost Reduction and Efficiency Improvement tools

Fast cashing ideas

Creating Digital master

The application delivered by DefinesysCloud has natural advantages in cloudification, mobility, high flexibility, and data analysis area. DefinesysCloud is an innovative tool that contributes to enterprises ease the burden on IT Teams and fulfil their needs for building a new Effective Digital Transformation Team.

  • Combined with the requirements for the online creation of applications, complete the initial maintenance of business centers, environmental information, change sets, etc.

    Application Creation

  • Configure forms, processes, queries, etc. and associate them to the corresponding application menus.

    Online Configuration

  • Custom development for individual needs, combined with event management, etc.


  • Invoke the DevOps deployment pipeline online and complete the application release to the corresponding environment

    App Launch

DefinesysCloud aPaaS is a low-code application program (LCAP) development tool that simplifies the software development life cycle, enabling fast mobile and desktop application development and deployment. This self-service product suite hinges on the visual development of interfaces and business logic and easy integration with data storage and services while providing robust applications that scale.

The unified data precipitation of the application distributed on the platform could be analyzed from multiple dimensions such as applications and business centers. Definesyscloud realizes the effective integration and application of data by supporting data application engine, data self-service analysis, report configuration, etc.

Product Features

Functions configured to the platform exist as assets and belong to different business centers. They could be shared within or across business centers to achieve flexible reuse or be provided as service interfaces to the outside system, further enhancing the agility of future application delivery.

Product Features


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